Lindhu Gathering

8th - 10th August 2014

A Dodecahedron Latice

Morning Yoga, Food Fermentation and Raw Foods, Creating Wild Head Dresses, Herbal Remedies, Making Recycled Instruments, Sacred Geometry in Structures, Ecological Building, Making Sustainable Communities, Laughing Yoga, Kids iScience, Wild Stories, Spiral Soundscapes, Awen and Stories of the Land, The Moon Phases of Stonehenge, The Bio Dynamics of Alien Life, An Evening Star Walk, Singing, Binaural Recording, The Plane of Numbers, Trance Dance Workshop, A Lincoln University Soundscape Cinema, Overtone Singing, Vibrations of the Hebrew Alphabet, Solfeggio Meditations, Multiman, Ceigo, Maheretta Records, Kev Le Kat, Cool Fun, Human Machine, Love Our Records, Swingamajig, Lyn Acton, Chris Miggels, Si Hayden, Brodgar, Sandfly, Leafblade + More

An Icosahedron Latice
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