Lindhu Gathering

8th - 10th August 2014

Deep with the hidden glade of the idyllic rolling hills of the Lincolnshire Wolds, surrounded by a majestic beech wood you will a festival of wonderment and enchantment. Throughout this extraordinary weekend the themes of harmonics and community intertwined with an incredible collection of world music, really make Lindhu a festival of inspiration, crossing the boundaries of science, spiritualism and beautiful sounds, to be found echoing over the soft grass.

A Dodecahedron Latice

Morning Yoga, Kids Wild Stories, Herbal Remedies, Kinestheology, Making Recycled Instruments, Sacred Geometry, Awen and Inspiration, Ecological Building, Creating Sustainable Communities, Laughing Yoga, Kids iScience, The Moon & Stars Relation to Stonehenge, Spiral Soundscapes, The Bio Dynamics of Alien Life, An Evening Star Walk, Singing & Breating, Gong Bath, The Numbers Plane, Trance Dance Workshop, Overtone Singing, Vibrations of the Hebrew Alphabet, Solfeggio Meditation, The Piano Busker, Las Flores No Lloran, Iza Moon, Sarah Johns Music Party, Chris Miggels, Si Hayden, Brodgar, Sandfly, Leafblade + More

An Icosahedron Latice
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